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You are also in the same industry to make better products, and can save costs and distress?

Are you still in the production process, solvent dirty down do not know how to deal with and worry?

Are you still looking for ways to clean more products with the least solvent?

Solvent can be recycled, saving costs? Whether the recycled solvent can clean the product?

The fuselage frame panel is easily corroded by powder spraying

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the structure is firm and stable

Temperature control using ordinary digital temperature controller, steam using knob type temperature control switch

Temperature control using PID programming numerical control instrument, steam power off the PID programming numerical control instrument

The lid seal with asbestos with PTFE material, easily damaged, replacement of high frequency

The lid seal with a disposable mold making, pure PTFE material, better sealing effect

The whole machine adopts separate temperature control and high temperature alarm, once damaged, it may be a potential safety hazard

With three temperature protection, anti stay function, even if the instrument is damaged, there is a separate alarm system

Cold drain with copper condenser, corrosion resistance

Cold row with stainless steel condenser or copper condenser, high selectivity

High temperature alarm only high temperature warning light, no alarm sound

High temperature alarm sound and light shine, there is still sound and light alarm

Christine Hejie Xing Company and the US company entered into a strategic cooperation agreement
  • Christine Hej
  • Jie Xing company and Usa Inc reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop solvent recovery machine market and technology exchange
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Gree Electric Appliances (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
  • Gree Electric
  • Very grateful Xiejie Xing environmental Ltd., a few months ago, have learned this company's Web site on the Internet, in which a few months later the station solvent recovery machine, the company with a dirty volatile oil can get good treatment and recovery, our company is also part of the cost savings, but also by the praise of peers.
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EPCOS resistor-capacitor (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
  • EPCOS resisto
  • We will continually purchase in environmental Ltd. Hing recycling machine also has a dozen, and so far not a problem, and ready at any time to goods. And I am most satisfied with their company's sales, they are very patient, not contrived, the customer is very sincere, honest!
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Zhongshan City Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of solvent recovery machine, sewage distillation equipment, the company is large, medium and small businesses to provide solvent recovery, sewage distillation, oil recovery and recycling services and equipment, we are professional technology, service, quality of industrial environmental protection equipment, to customers to create greater value, to win customers.

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